Innovalia, thanks to this 14th edition of the International Conference on Industrial Metrology, Metromeet, managed to gather the main companies executives with greater international projection such as General Electric, Innovalia, Creaform, Autodesk, QISAB, Capvidia, Tekniker, Novo Nordisk and Carlsberg, also responsibles from the most important institutions where there, such as the PTB, the University of Nottigham and Antwerp, the Technische Universität München and the legal organization of Metrology of India.

Sponsored by Innovalia Metrology, Renishaw, Faro, Zeiss and Creaform this 14th edition of Metromeet has had an innovative content of great interest and has allowed to discover and discuss the importance of metrology on the way to Industry 4.0. The inauguration of the Conference took place in one of the main rooms of the Euskalduna Palace, where Maurizio Ercole and Jesús de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group, shared the Metromeet guidelines and the objectives of the meeting. Toni Ventura, CEO of Datapixel, opened the conference with a charismatic tutorial in which he dazzled the way to the zero defect manufacturing thanks to Metrology and ended his speech with «Metromeet allows people from different countries, companies and ages , let us look united towards the future of Metrology »

The 14th edition of Metromeet has also been highlighted by new content that has generated a lot of interest and expectation. Ainhoa Etxabarri presented the second day of Metromeet with «Metrology and Machining» a where she presented M3MH, a unique measurement software that allows direct connection with the CNC and is introducing a new way of measuring, producing and optimizing industrial processes.

After discussing topics as attractive as hybrid measurement, QIF, software solutions for 3D printing and Industry 4.0, Metromeet ended the first two days of the Conference through a round table led by Toni Ventura, CEO of Datapixel, Jesus de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group, Maurizio Ercole, father of the MMC and Jean-Claude Morel, CEO of Missler Software.

Metromeet has achieved with these two days of Conference, to draw conclusions about the main needs of the sector and discuss the future of metrology with professionals with different perceptions and different experiences. Through Metromeet, Innovalia continues to demonstrate its commitment to technological development.