Metromeet 2023 | April 19, 20 Bilbao

Unique Content

Metromeet manages to gather the main companies executives with the greater international projection such as Innovalia Metrology, Tekniker, Zeiss or Ideko. Also the main responsibles from the most important institutions such as the PTB, the DMSC or the VNIIMS will attend our conference.


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METROMEET is a unique event and the most important conference in the sector of Industrial Dimensional Metrology.


An exhibition hall where we hold the new metrology developments, the newest working methods and formulas that improve your industrial process and high-quality tête-à-tête. Come and join us!


Metromeet gathers + 100 Quality Management Professionals per year. Discover the real needs and concerns of your potential customers. Meet your future clients in person and build a relationship with them.



Apart from the Conference and the speeches, during the coffee breaks, we organize special presentations called MetroLabs, in which every exhibitor can expose its latest products.

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Metrology and industry 4.0 trends in Metromeet 2021

Metrology and industry 4.0 trends in Metromeet 2021

The 17th edition of the Metromeet International Conference has been full of surprises, not only because of its one-day online format, but because the Innovalia Group, organizer of the event, has highlighted the needs of Industry 4.0. The first Metromeet conference...

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