METROMEET is a unique event and the most important conference in the sector of Industrial Dimensional Metrology.

During METROMEET we provide information about the latest technological advances, the progress made in the sector and we constitute a forum for debate on metrology and its development in a fast changing industry. Of course we bring you the latest news about; new digital & optical developments and the European & international norms.

METROMEET will show to the experts of the sector the newest working methods and formulas that improve your industrial process and the productivity of your company. During the two days, international leaders in the Industrial Dimensional Metrology sector will show you how to improve the quality of your product and the efficiency of its production.

There is only one moment a year where the international Industrial Dimensional Metrology professionals meet; at METROMEET. For your company a perfect chance to be part of this unique event.

Technical Committee

METROMEET is assessed by a Technical Committee who evaluates the papers received and selects the best to be part of our conference. The members of this committee have a large experience in the field of metrology and industrial innovation.

Jesús M. de la Maza

Robert Schmitt

Maurizio Ercole

Antonio Ventura-Traveset

Hans U. Danzebrink

Simone Carmignato