Metromeet announces a third day Conference that will take place in a well-known winery during March 24th. This extraday will be focused on Aeronautics and Automotion metrology solutions.

During its 13th edition, Metromeet will unveil a 3rd day focused on two of the most importat sectors in the Industry.

The already closed program is complemented by an exhibition of the needs and applications of the most advanced metrology solutions to the aeronautics and automotive sectors. A day in a different space to develop the full networking potential offered by Metromeet while our attendees discover the secrets of the wine production.

During the first two days of the Conference, 22nd and 23rd of March, Metromeet will host speakers from PwC, Metrosage, Fraunhofer IPT, PTB, Autodesk and the IAC among others, speeches will make us dicover the latest applications and most advanced technologies that will lead us to Industry 4.0.

Sponsored by Renishaw, Zeiss, Faro and Innovalia, this 13th Metromeet edition will turn into the most important Industry 4.0 event during 2017.