After the great success of the Metromeet 14th edition held in 2018, Metromeet opens the call for speakers and announces the final dates for the 2019 Conference: April 10th, 11th and 12th at the Congress Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao. During these days, the main international leaders of the Industrial sector will share how to optimize production processes, how to produce with zero defects and how to make the leap to Industry 4.0. using the most advanced metrological techniques and metrology solutions. Metromeet thus turns Bilbao into an international technological meeting point, giving the professionals of the sector the opportunity to share, learn and enjoy a unique networking environment.
The Call for papers will remain open until October 17th – 2018. Both the instructions of the call and the proposed topics are available on the new Metromeet website. The open call for papers gives the opportunity to different professionals in the sector to position themselves as leading players towards Industry 4.0, as experts in their sector and also offers them the perfect environment to meet, negotiate and discover the most cutting edge and innovative technologies.
The presentation of a paper also offers an excellent opportunity to establish direct contact with directors and senior executives of companies in the metrological sector
In addition to being a unique event, it allows expanding the business network and establishing relationships with potential clients, from the privileged position of being recognized as an expert in a specific area or specialty within dimensional industrial metrology. The International Technical Committee of Metromeet will assess especially those presentations on real experiences, methods and technologies of innovative applications applicable in the real industry. The presence and active participation of our sponsors: Innovalia, Zeiss, Creaform, Faro and Renishaw allows the Conference to create a unique technological environment in which to know the latest market solutions.
From the organization of Metromeet, the professionals of the sector are encouraged to be part of the Conference by making available an online portal where they can make their request. The Metromeet organization will accept applications received before October 17.