3DMC 2019 is the 4th 3D Metrology Conference which will take place at Here East, London (Stratford), from 5-7 November. It’s an international conference and exhibition dedicated to the development and application of 3D metrology. Here, the 3D technology is centred on larger industrial applications, e.g. involving robots, cars, aircraft and ships, and the associated portable measurement technologies which are mostly optical and can be applied on site. However, the conference also showcases related technologies such as X-ray computed tomography which can model object interiors, and non-industrial applications such as 3D cultural heritage recording.

The conference brings together end users and researchers but maintains an emphasis on solving industrial problems. Presentations are only in the format of slide shows or posters. There are no associated published papers which makes it easier for speakers from industry to present. (Where permission has been granted, presentations are available for download from the conference website at www.3dmc.events.)

Networking is a valuable and essential part of the conference and the current format allows for two informal evening events. One is a casual icebreaker with drinks and finger food, the other a relaxed dinner with plenty of scope for circulating and chatting.

This year’s event has a programme of 22 talks, 7 posters and 2 workshops. Additionally, Here East on the former 2012 Olympics site is also home to new research facilities at University College London and Loughborough University’s London campus. This allows the conference to offer demonstrations of UCL’s snake-arm robot under photogrammetric control and indoor drones as camera platforms, and Loughborough’s people tracking technology in a mixed human/robot environment.

Passes are available from the conference website for the full conference or for 1-day and 2-day attendance. A pass gives access to all the events on the relevant day of the pass.