The last edition, the 15th anniversary of the Conference, Metromeet managed to concentrate the main executives of companies with greater international projection such as Innovalia, LMI Technologies, Autodesk, CIN Advanced Systems, Capvidia, Novo Nordisk, Zeiss, Faro or Renishaw in addition to the main institutions such as the PTB, the University of Nottigham, the University of Antwerp, the CFAA or Tekniker.

Sponsored by Innovalia Metrology, Renishaw, CIN Advanced system, Faro, Zeiss and LMI Technologies, the last edition featured innovative content of great interest and allowed us to discover and debate the importance of metrology on the way to Industry 4.0.

This way, the organization of Metromeet, announces the dates for the XVI edition of the recognized Conference that will take place during the days 26, 27 and 28 February at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao and takes the opportunity to launch the Call for Papers.

From June 18th to October 1st, professionals from the sector will be able to send proposals for papers to the organization. During this period of time, Metromeet makes available to the interested professionals information about the past editions of the Conference and the topics that will be discussed at Metromeet 2020. Metromeet, The International Conference on Industrial Metrology not only welcomes national speakers, in recent years the Conference has had an important international participation that allows professional speakers to establish professional ties that end up translating into collaborations and developments in the Quality sector .

The space enabled for the management and reception of the papers will remain open until October 1st! Do not miss this opportunity!