Dr. Adriana Valçu

Romanian Measurement Society – RMS (Romania)

Determination of the error approximation function in the calibration of digital measuring instruments used in metrology of length

Measurements must be certain and secure, requiring the determination of errors and uncertainties. The need to minimize these has resulted in continuous innovations for the measurement uncertainties. Her presentation covers a method adopted for determination of errors and associated uncertainties within the calibrated range of a digital caliper. It will allow to calculate the errors of indication and associated measurement uncertainties within the calibrated range, for other readings, different from those stated in the calibration certificate. It is intended, but not limited, for operators of laboratories accredited for relevant measurements,m covering both a procedure for determining the coefficients of a calibration function and the evaluation of the associated uncertainties.

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Dr. Adriana Vâlcu is Dr. Engineer and scientific research at the Romanian Measurement Society (RMS). She has more than 40 years of progressive experience in the Mass Metrology activity, including positions such as Diplomat Engineer and Dr. Engineer at the INM (Institutul National de Metrologie – Bucharest). She has been involved in activity related to legal metrology and is currently a scientific researcher at the Romanian Measurement Society and technical assessor at the RENAR (Romanian Accreditation Association). Dr. Vâlcu recently obtained the title of full member of the Romanian academy.