Dr. Claudio Turrin

SAM Software (Italy)

MDO-E manufacturing digital ontology editor. A new approach to integrate Material, Process, Function and Quality in the Mfg area

Introduces the MDO-E application, a SW platform that allows to develop a digital model of manufacturing processes. The impact of the MDO-E application in the design phases of the quality and manufacturing processes of finished products can be summarized as this: the SW tool offers a functional modelling of the finished product; it has impact on the process’ KPIs and offers an integrated development environment.

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Claudio Turrin is Doctor of Engineering, senior quality assurance automation engineer at SAM Software (Italy). He has developed his expertise in the area of product quality control, production tracking focused to guarantee zero-defect production in a leading multinational in the household appliance sector, in the EMEA region area and at global level. His engineering background has allowed him to develop his experience in the field of industrial automation, where he has developed several systems and testing appliances, e.g., automatic, and semi-automatic testing of household appliances; systems for tracking production; quality systems and programming of electronic boards embedded in the production system, and an HW and SW standard platform. Dr. Turrin collaborates with European projects like GRACE or QU4LITY.