Dr. Stephen Kyle

University College London (UCL) (United Kingdom)

Explore3DM: Content generation as it supports the outreach element of the Uk's Royal Acdemy of Engineering

Explore3DM is designed to be an online resource to promote and develop 3D measurement and 3D metrology (3DM). The platform offers a comprehensive directory of 3DM suppliers, including system manufacturers, service providers, and research sources. Best of all, basic directory membership is free, providing easy access to invaluable resources.

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Dr. Stephen Kyle is a Principal Research Fellow at UCL. He has more than 25 years of research experience on various aspects of portable and large-volume metrology (PCM and LVM). PCM and LVM concern precise 3D measurement for the manufacture and assembly of large components to sub-millimetre accuracies. He is a member of the technical committee of the 3D Metrology Conference (www.3dmc.events), initiated in 2016. Moreover, with a UK web development company, Marked Improvement, he is developing "explore3DM", an online directory and knowledge base for 3D measurement and metrology which he will explain at the conference.