Dr. Thomas Engel

Siemens AG (Germany)

New Dimensions in Metrology: Digital Calibration certificates and Dynamic Vision Imaging

He will introduce the digital calibration certificates and its role in a generic production cycle as well as an usecase about the system integration of industrial products and industrial production system. Moreover, he will present the potential event cameras have as dynamic vision imaging where he will introduce the Technology, characterisation of the camera, examples for Quality inspection and much more.

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Dr. Thomas Engel is a Principal Key Expert Research scientist at Siemems AG. He worked on non-linear optics for lensless imaging in the UV, on laser physics for modeless and broadband lasers and on precision spectroscopy to precisely measure the age of the universe for the first time or to test special relativity. Then he joined industry as director R&D in the field of metrology and calibration for semiconductor industry, medical intra-operative radiotherapy and as director R&D and innovation management for industrial metrology equipment for dimensional metrology. Currently, Dr. Engel is working at Siemens AG in (corporate) Technology as Principal Key Expert for (digital) perception in the technology field connectivity and edge. In this role he acts as chair of the german lighthouse project GEMIMEG-II to bring the digital calibration certificate into industrial application.