Dr. Edward Morse

UNC Charlotte (USA)

The ISO 10360-13 Standard and its Implementation

Dr Morse's presentation focuses on the international standard ISO 10360-13 and the slow adoption and use in coordinate measuring systems (CMS). This is partly due, says Dr Morse, to a lack of familiarity with the standard. The international standard ISO 10360-13 "Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring systems (CMS) — Part 13: Optical 3D CMS" was published in September of 2021, but has not yet seen wide use in the specification of these instruments. One possible reason for this slow adoption is a lack of familiarity with the standard by existing and potential users. This presentation discusses the motivation of the standards committee (ISO TC213 / WG10) in producing standards for measuring instruments, and then provides an introduction to the tests for structured light systems described in the ISO 10360-13 standard.

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Edward Morse is the Director of UNC Charlotte's Center for Precision Metrology and is the Norvin Kennedy Dickerson Jr. Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He is the chair of ASME's B89 committee on Dimensional Metrology and he is also a subject matter expert (SME), representing the United States in ISO Technical Committee 213 on Geometric Product Specification and Verification.