Dr. Pablo Puerto Manrique

IDEKO (Spain)

TACCO - Fast & Accurate Zero Defect Part Set-up by photogrammetry

Machinists dealing with large-sized parts face two challenges because these parts often come from casting or welding processes with deviations of up to millimetres from the nominal specifications. To address this issue, a consortium has been formed. TACCO's primary goal is to create a system consisting of three modules: measurement, fitting, and alignment. It's worth mentioning that the first two modules are performed outside the machine, which saves a substantial amount of time. During the initial tests, end-users xxx and xxx highlighted the time and cost savings achieved by using the system. In addition to being user-friendly, the system is portable, allowing measurements to be taken wherever the piece is located. TACCO focuses on the importance of the manufacture of high added value parts and its consequences for productivity and competitiveness, developing a pioneering innovation for the fast and reliable set-up of these parts by means of an approach based on photogrammetry.

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Dr. Pablo Puerto Manrique is an industrial mechanical engineer from the University of Mondragón, where he also obtained a master's degree in Mechanical Behaviour and Materials. He has developed his career in the field of university research as well as in the business world, focusing on various areas of computer vision. He has been part of IDEKO's Design and Precision Engineering department for more than 10 years, more specifically in the metrological study of artificial vision systems. Dr. Puerto participates in low TRL (technological maturity levels) projects such as Vidit-EURAMET, developing digital twins of measurement systems to ensure their uncertainty, and high TRL industrial projects such as TACCO (EIT MANUFACTURING call), which involves the industrialisation of a photogrammetric system and which he presents on this event under the title: TACCO - Fast & Accurate Zero-Defect Part Set-up by photogrammetry.