PLATAFORMA M3Aravind Govindan, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan will be the responsible of the opening keynote during the first day of Metromeet. He holds a bachelors degree in commerce from the University of Madras and Masters in International Business from the University of Sydney. With more than 5 years of experience in market research and strategy, he has published more than 10 market research studies covering dimensional metrology market.

The aim of this keynote is to explain the predictions on the ‘Future of Metrology’. Over the last few years, the traditional boundaries of various industries are fading due to rapid innovation. With evolving concepts such as industry 4.0/ smart factory, Internet of Things and data analytics coming to the fore, metrology market is likely to witness unimagined transformation.

As a consequence, metrology companies will need to invest for the future to stay competitive and offer innovative solutions to end users. In the following years, they will also need to revisit their business models in order to remain competitive against newer competitors in automation, communication technologies, and software.

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