Herminso Villarraga-Gómez

X-Ray Quality Solutions Manager at Zeiss

Extending the measurement capabilities of 3D X-ray microscopes to dimensional metrology

This paper reports the development of a solution, through a package consisting of hardware and software, for extending the measurement capabilities of high-resolution X-ray microscopes (XRMs) to high-precision dimensional metrology. A workflow called Metrology Extension (MTX) was designed to adjust XRMs for performing dimensional metrology tasks. The main adjustments of an XRM instrument through the MTX workflow, which need to be implemented before scanning workpieces of interest for dimensional evaluation, include applying a distortion map correction on the image projections produced by the X-ray detector and a voxel scale adjustment after computed tomography data reconstruction.

Herminso Villarraga-Gómez is the X-ray Quality Solutions Manager at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions. He specializes in industrial applications of X-ray computed tomography working in dimensional metrology, 3D imaging, microscopy, and nondestructive evaluation. Herminso holds a PhD in Optical Science and Engineering (University of North Carolina at Charlotte). His current interests include establishing the accuracy and precision of 3D X-ray measurement technologies and in comparing its performance with other existing measuring techniques, e.g., tactile coordinate measurement machines. He is also interested in advancing new manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing and contributing to the industry of quality control and nondestructive evaluation. Herminso is the author of several peer-review articles, conference papers, and a book chapter. He is a member of the Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS), the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE), the International societies for Optics and Photonics SPIE and OSA, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and other professional associations promoting the advancement of engineering and applied physics.