Matthias Karl

Carl Zeiss AG

Matthias Karl

Matthias Karl studied physics and received his PhD at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for research in semiconductor physics in 2009. After heading a group on nanophotonics in a start-up in Aachen he joined the ZEISS group. At ZEISS Corporate Research and Technology department Matthias fosters autonomous systems by focusing on intelligent sensors.

Autonomous mobile robot for on-demand large-object inspection


Demand-oriented inspection for large objects like automotive and assemblies is challenging to be operated with full autonomy while ensuring good transferability to other objects, environments, or similar tasks. In a research project we developed and demonstrated a concept using a digital twin of the target object to execute the inspection task.

Autonomous execution of inspection task was achieved relying on an exchangeable digital twin of the target object. This way the mobile platform – equipped with respective inspection tool – finds and identifies the target object, approaches and aligns to it, and finally positions the sensor head with six degrees of freedom as required to accomplish the inspection task at several poses. Results and functionality of the research demonstrator will be presented.