Pablo Puerto

Researcher at IDEKO

Large volume metrology Portable Photogrammetry

Large scale industry requires new solutions to measure parts from 3 m to 64 m of maximum length faster and cheaper than the current technologies but keeping the accuracy. Mainly, laser tracker is the main system used in these industrial applications because it is a reliable technology with high compatibility with metrological software.

Also, laser scanner can provide a faster solution, but the accuracy is lower than laser tracker. In the middle of these technologies, portable photogrammetry can provide a result faster than laser tracker and with high accuracy. However, there are issues to evaluate in large scale scenarios. In this research a large-scale artefact has been used to assess the accuracy of portable photogrammetry up to 12 m.

Dr. Pablo Puerto Manrique is a project manager at Ideko. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering (University of the Mondragon) and a PhD in the high-performance manufacturing process. Since he joined IDEKO, he has been working on the development of a wheel profile measuring system in order to improve the security in the railway sector. Moreover, he is adapting the international standards of evaluating the accuracy of complex technology such as photogrammetry. He has also worked as a lecturer in the highperformance machining department at Mondragon University.