Dr. Octavio Icasio

CENAM (Mexico)

Sensitivity analysis of structured light systems based on VDI/VDE 2634-2 and ISO 10360-13 Performance Evaluation Tests

Dr. Icasio is introducing the performance testing of structured light systems (SLSs), used for dimensional measurements without contact. These systems project structured light pattern on an object of interest to establish correspondence between the projector and the camera(s) and then provide 3D reconstruction of the object. Errors in the calibration of the model parameters of an SLS can lead to systematic errors in dimensional measurements. We will explore the topic of performance testing of an SLS, specifically, the sensitivity of the length tests described in the VDI/VDE 2634-2 guideline and the ISO 10360-13 standard to the model parameters (such as intrinsic parameters of the camera and the projector, and camera-projector geometry parameters) of an SLS.

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Dr. Octavio Icasio is a computer systems engineer with a master's degree in engineering in the specialty of digital signal processing and doctorate degree in advanced technology with a specialty in image analysis. He is part of the National System Researchers of CONAHCYT. He works at the National Metrology Center of Mexico (CENAM) as part of the Coordinate Measurement group, providing measurement services, courses, and consulting for the industry, where he is currently in charge of the laser tracker laboratory and a coordinate measurement machine. He has been a subject professor at the Polytechnic University of Querétaro and at the TecMilenio University. Throughout 2001 he worked for the company Unimetrik, collaborating on European Union projects. He has been applications engineer in laser trackers for the API company in the USA and guest researcher at NIST.