Jesus Paredes

Fundación Tekniker (Spain)

Towards task-specific uncertainty assessment for Imaging confocal microscopes

The traceability assessment and error budgeting of surface measurements is still an open issue for 3D microscopes and profilometers employing diverse optical measuring techniques. Moreover, the task-specific uncertainty evaluation regarding specific geometrical features is a non-covered topic as the calibration of these complex measuring instruments is still being industrially deployed and there is a lack of tools for this aim. Hence, the manufacturing and quality control of such geometries is not metrologically controlled. The research aims to cover this gap propagating calibration results of confocal imaging microscope into the task-specific uncertainty assessment. This is addressed by simulation strategies based on Montecarlo approach where 10000 measurements and their processing are iteratively performed and through the chosen optical instrument, that is, the SNEOX microscope from Sensofar. The results of the study will aid to quantify, understand, and improve the dimensional quality of manufactured samples and corresponding processes.

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Jesús Paredes is PhD candidate in Physics at the University of the Basque Country, with 3 years of experience at TEKNIKER. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics a Master's degree in Nanodevices, Advanced Materials, and Photonics. Currently pursuing a doctoral degree in calibration and uncertainty assessment of nanometric precision 3D optical profilometry techniques for the metrological characterization of micro and nanostructured surfaces. He is currently participating in the European project EMPIR TracOptic, focused on developing standards and best practice guidelines for 3D optical profilometry techniques, aiming to standardize measurement procedures and define the strengths and limitations of each technique.