Roberto Pérez

Head of Innovation Network for GFMS

Big Data-Driven Zero Defect Factory for Spindle Manufacturing

Milling Spindles are a key component of GF Milling devices as they perform the machining process and provide accuracies of the order of one micron while removing hard materials at high rotating speeds. The manufacturing of Spindles require special expertise and in order to improve further the quality and lifetime of such components, a digitalization program of the GF Machining Solutions Spindle factory has been implemented within the Boost 4.0 EU project. Different stages of the manufacturing and assembly have been integrated into an structured database in order to set up a Digital Twin which is able to predict quality of final products and enables a new level of optimization both at the production and usage phases of the machine.

Dr. Roberto PEREZ (male), holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Geneva, Switzerland (1997), and a MBA from the Open University (2011). He is currently Head of Innovation Network for GFMS, and has been responsable previously of Industry 4.0 and Innovation projects for the EDM unit of GFMS. He has coordinated various EU projects under the topics Factories of the Future (Fofdation), BOOST 4.0, QU4LITY and Zero-Defect Manufacturing (Ifacom). Currently he coordinates collaborative projects across the various technologies of GFMS in order to project the company systems into integrated, intelligent manufacturing solutions with high level of automation.