Valery Lysenko

Chief Researcher at VNIIMS

The experience of using material standards and interference systems for checking and calibrating coordinate measuring machines (CMM) of various measurement ranges

Our National Metrology Institute (NMI) VNIIMS has a wide base of material reference and interference systems for checking and calibrating CMMs, such as end measures of length, length standards such as ball-bar, ball-type plates made by KOBA (Germany), Machine Checking standard Gauge, interferometer XL-80 manufactured by Renishaw (Great Britain), laser interference measuring system LaserTRACER from ETALON (Germany), 3 CMMs with different measuring ranges from ZEISS (Germany).

NMI performs calibration and verification in accordance with the standards of ISO 10360-2, both small and large CMM using the above material standards and interference measuring systems.

The measuring and calibration capabilities of the institute in the field of CMM measurements are presented in the BIPM database. This report presents the experience of using various measuring ranges for calibration and verification of CMMs with both material standards and interference measuring systems. Currently, in the field of measuring geometric parameters, stationary coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) of various overall dimensions and accuracy characteristics are widespread.

All machines must undergo a verification / calibration procedure to confirm their metrological characteristics. At the moment, verification in our country is carried out according to the existing documents harmonized with ISO 10360-2, according to which, the main means of verification of KIM is a material measure (such as an end measure of length) of at least 2/3 of the measuring volume.

Valery Lysenko, professor, doctor in science.
Valery Lysenko works at the Russian Research Institute for Metrological Service, in the department of Precision Engineering.
He graduated as a Physicist from Moscow Physical Engineering Institute.
He is an author of more than 150 science papers in the field of Metrology, and author of the monography: “Coordinate metrology”. 2010 Moscow ACMC. ISBN 978-5-93088-085-4